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About Supporting Positive Paths 

Supporting Positive Paths was established in 2013 and received registration with the Care inspectorate in January 2014.
A community focused organisation who has recently become a social enterprise and has its mission set in giving individuals a community based support service that will use community established resources and give back to individuals within their communities.

Bringing 15 years of experiences into practice and bridging health and social care by providing emotional well being in the social setting. Establishing social groups, skill groups and services to focus on emotional difficulties and behavioral challenges to move individual positively forward in life. Supporting those with Additional Support Needs (ASN), individual facing emotional difficulties or wishing to make behavioral changes, and families supporting Individuals and children with ASN or behavioral and emotional challenges.

Listening to what individuals have said they want, need and hope for from services to support their futures. Understanding that families need support and carers need services to improve emotional well being and create networks to reduce isolation.

Supporting Positive Paths has taken these aspects of support and brought them together into one organisation and aims to create community networks starting with supporting Positive Paths memberships.

The ways in which we can support individual paths are varied and will be led by the needs of those looking for help reaching their future goals.

  • Day groups

  • Evening groups

  • Your Social Events

  • Paths to Skills- Individual or group setting

  • Support with Friends

  • Accessing ‘Paths’

  • Paths at Home

  • Behavioural and Emotional Paths- counselling, behavioral program’s and networking.

  • Holidays and Respite paths

We aim to reach those who need some form of support to access their community. Groups are affordable means for individual to feel included, meet new people and establish new skills, activities and fulfilled goals.

We know that being part of a group or involved in your community can really help build confidence, self esteem and reduce negative emotional feelings.

Anyone experiencing negative thoughts, behaviors or emotions will benefit from counselling and psychotherapy.  By providing this service on an affordable sliding scale relative to income we aim to provide a safe and understanding approach to being heard and to look at positive futures.

Our behavioral program’s can be tailored to behavioral challenges for individual or families. Taking behaviors that are negative and changing these to positive outcomes can have a huge Positive effect on individual and families. Working consistently with families and individual to establish behavioral change is important and central to our behavioral program’s. Self management is important and often this is an area individuals need support with at different times in life, change in health, emotional or physical well being can lead to seeking help with self management.


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