Welcome to Positive Paths, Edinburghs’ Group based Care service Supporting:

Your Childrens Paths

Support children out in the community
Support with developing confidence and skills
Support to socialise and build friendships
Support after school or weekend to provide Breaks for families while having fun
Support and develop behavioural strategies and emotional/physical well being programs
Support for families at times families need an extra sense of community


Your Social Paths

Social events as transitions – meet new friends and learn many skills out with home and school.
Social events as way to meet and catch up with friends
Supporting members to social events and home
Supporting families to have a break whether a few hours or few weeks!
Social breaks for friends or to make new friends 1 overnight to 1 week.
Social breaks for families allowing you to go away we can support in home
Social breaks for members– choose and plan your breaks with friends or come along to a break to make friends.



Your Future Paths

Supporting members in small groups through transitions- members can join before transitions being.
Supporting members to build confidence and daily skills to be able to access their community
Supporting members to think positively of their future and develop “Your Path” as a tool for transition.
Support and implement use of communication and other tools required to engage and join groups.